Monday, 13 August 2018

How to make a go cart

Last week the Giraffes group read an article about how to make a go-cart. They wrote their own instructions on Pic collage. We hope you like them!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Today the Rhinos group read an article about fingerprints and how they are important. Here are some pic collages they created about some interesting facts from the article. We hope you like them!

Monday, 23 July 2018

How to plant a sunflower by the Giraffes group

Today the giraffes read the book "The sunflower that went flop" and used Pic collage to write instructions about how to plant a sunflower. They did very well! 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Science Roadshow

At the end of last term the Year 3 and 4 classes invited us to come and see some of the science experiments they had been doing in class. We had so much fun and loved trying out some new experiments!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The kitten rescue

Here is some of the children's writing that they did about a fireman saving a kitten from a fire. We were pretending that we were reporters and reporting it back to the local people:

The courageous fireman

Breaking News! The citizens of Auckland that live on the same street woke up to a burnt down house and the owners left behind an unsaved kitten that was unconscious.

when the firemen arrived they extinguished the fire in the house and they saw an unconscious kitten lying on the ground. When the firemen scooped up the minuscule kitten, he went out of the house and informed the chief to get the oxygen mask ready. He strapped the oxygen mask onto the kitten and then he put freezing water on it to give it a shock.

When the emergency was over, they took the kitten to the local vet and gave it back to its owner.

By Ty

The Heroic Save

Breaking News! In the quiet streets of Auckland, a house in a street burst into flames and all the people were safe but a 5 week old kitten was still in the house.

When the heroic firefighter came, they got the hose out and spread water on the flames and when the firefighters had extinguished the fire they went into the house with their bright torches. He saw a kitten lying on the floor.

When the fireman came out, he informed the chief to get the oxygen mask ready. The firefighter put the oxygen mask on the freezing kittens face and then put freezing cold water over it to give it a shock. Finally the kitten woke up!

The firefighters brought the kitten to the vet to get a check up before giving it back to its owner.

By Damien

The Heroic Rescue

Breaking News! The street was quiet and then suddenly a miracle happened. The house was on fire! The people got out in time but they forgot a tiny small kitten.

When the courageous fireman came in his truck and he got his bright torch and looked inside  the house and they saw a tiny kitten lying on the floor.

It was an emergency so he took it out and he put a oxygen mask on it and put cold water on it to give it a shock. Thankfully the fireman got the kitten awake and took it to the local vet and the vet informed its owner that it is alive.

By Khizra

Playground Fun

A few weeks ago, we went and played on the senior playground for some fun and so we could write about it. Here are some photos


At the end of last term we were lucky enough to have some policemen come and talk to us about their job and their role in the community. We wrote them a letter to come and talk to us and they replied and said they would love to! We had so much fun asking them questions, asking about all their special tools, looking in their car and even getting to wear their special hats and jackets. 

NZ Birds

Some of the Giraffes group used pic collage to write some facts they had learnt about a NZ bird. 

Making Popcorn

We also made yummy popcorn and looked at the changes that happened to the kernels when they got hotter. It exploded everywhere!

Cross Country!